N186 goes Venice

Venice (IT), 2021

N186 was designed by LOVE architects, specially for the Venice Biennial Architecture exhibition “Time Space Existence”, approaching new boundaries outside of a classical architecture firm by working with new materials such as ceramic. The seemingly crystalline object with a total diameter of 2700 millimeters was manufactured by the ceramics expert Laufen in its Innovation Center in Austria, is staged by the projection artists from Ochoresotto, accompanied by electro-acoustics by the Sound Designer Josef Gründler.

N186 was manufactured by using SaphirKeramik – one of the latest, globally significant innovations from Laufen used when a design includes very delicate, thin-walled shapes and tight radii, which in the past were generally realized using mineral casting, glass or enamelled steel. With a simultaneous mix of fragility, stability, centrality, spectrality, and explosiveness that is determined by the play of light, the object combines various aspects of architectural creativity: concept, material, design, technology, and the precise realization thereof.

Venice Biennial “Time Space Existence” 22 May until 21 November 2021
Palazzo Bembo 10:00 am – 6:00 pm. Closed on Tuesday. Free Entry.